Your Pathway to

Personal Fulfillment

Helping middle-age women return to their authentic self so they can live fulfilled, at peace, and in their power.


Your Pathway to Personal Fulfillment is a personal journey for women to explore, discover, embrace, and love their true authentic self. To create a pathway that will lead to the personal fulfillment she’s been waiting for.

Your Pathway to personal fulfillment is a journey of oneness and transformation for women to live life authentically, without the guilt or the obligations we tell ourselves we need to fulfill.

A life built by her for her.

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Meet Mary Anne Fielding, Certified Life Coach & LCSW

I have been serving in the behavioral health field since the early 1990s in a variety of settings serving children, adults, couples and families. While employed at these organizations I held the positions of case manager, program coordinator, supervisor, program director and compliance officer. The women I served were incarcerated, mothers, addicted, needed support and linkages to community resources, and most importantly guidance with finding themselves, improving their self-confidence and self-worth and believing in themselves. It was almost like they needed to learn to walk again. I was their biggest advocate while they were learning about themselves, and gaining the confidence, skills, and the abilities they needed to elevate their lives.

In addition, I have been serving and helping women inside my private practice for over 23 years now! I believe my combined work experience has greatly enhanced my ability to understand and serve at the deepest level. It is my passion to guide women in returning to their most authentic self so they can live fulfilled, at peace, and in their power.

“I joined my coaching partnership with Mary Anne when I was going through my divorce. I found her at just the right time when I need someone in my corner! She is kind and compassionate to my needs. She listens and offers insight which has helped me to be more introspective. She even finds and shares ideas for enrichment, such as an activity, community involvement suggestion or an author whose writing she found to be intriguing and would benefit me.

Mary Anne has helped me to see my strengths when I could not. She often reminded me of how far I have come in my journey and the obstacles I overcame. I am stronger today because of Mary Anne.”

Dee, Coaching Client

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“I began seeing Mary Anne many years ago when I started soul searching and realizing I needed answers. I was tired of feeling unsure about myself and my confidence was low. Mary Anne was my life coach for a few years. During this process I was able to find myself and understand how my past was playing out in my present. This allowed me to gain control and not be afraid to take risks, both professionally and personally. I have since moved out of the area. Mary Anne keeps an open door for me. I have been able to reach out to her to check in with a telephone session when I need to. I always feel Mary Anne has my back.”

— D.S.

“Mary Anne, thank you. I have learned so much from you about how to manage, what has been for me a lifetime of chronic worry. I apply the strategies you taught me regularly and when I’m struggling you are there when I call. I can’t say thank you enough!”

— Carolina E.

“I really look forward to our session each week. You allow me the space to be me and it really means a lot to me. Thank you.”

— Jenn O.

“I am truly enjoying my life so much more since participating in your program. THANK YOU!”

— Julie

“Mary Anne THANK YOU for believing in me and showing me that I am worth it!”

— Rachel

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Feeling unfulfilled doesn’t mean there’s been a failure or that things need to radically change. Becoming aware of unfulfillment makes it possible to make a plan and do something to create positive change. Your Assessment to Personal Fulfillment is a great tool to gauge where you are at and what the beginning steps could be for you to take to create the change you desire!

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